Dance For Cause

Dance Kabila holds in its core belief that we have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others. We believe that we are blessed that we hold meaningful reserves that we can share with people and therefore, contribute to the society which has helped us grow and sustain.

Towards this direction, our team has been engaging itself in spreading its passion and knowledge among the underprivileged people, especially children who may not otherwise afford to learn dance or live their passion. Hence, we find our association with Non-Profit Organizations of Delhi where our team works with complete dedication to selflessly contribute towards enriching the lives of millions !

Some of our prominent work include:

Mending Maya

Mending Maya was over an eight week program headed by Mr. Alec Chandra of USA, where our team collaborated and connected with one another through arts and crafts, theatre and movement and music. Its aim was to bridge the generational gap and mend intergenerational understanding by bringing together young students and seniors.


Kabila teachers composed dance choreographies in various Govt. schools in Delhi like Sarvodya Kanya vidyalaya, Defense Colony, Govt. Boys Senior Sec .School, Defense Colony,  MCD Primary School, Sewa Nagar. Learning dance increases students’ social awareness and skills on many levels. Students become more aware of the values and beliefs of their own and different societies by performing and analyzing diverse dances. When dancing together, students learn to be united as a group through coordinated action and rhythms.

Association with NGOs

The stunning team of dancers and choreographers of Dance Kabila Enterprise find its accommodation with several NGOs including The Manzil Welfare Society (Khan Market), Prithak (Okhla Slums), Adhyan (Jamrudpur Village), Learning By Locals (Okhla Slums) and Udaan () where they spread their learning’s and Knowledge among the students willing to learn through selfless services.

Effects of Dance for Cause

NGO’s :  Students from low income under privilege background hardly get a platform for self discovery. An artist, as a choreographer makes sense of the world, organizes it, and communicates a point of view through movement. Content is embedded in the form and structure of the dance and clear meaning is developed through the creative process and expressive movement.  The whole process creates an awareness in the each & every student which is provided by Dance Kabila teachers to NGOs like Creativity Adda, Manzil, Adhyayn Learning Center, Prithak, Udaan, Habitat Learning Center etc. They help them choreograph dance pieces for showcasing in cultural events.

Old age home : Participation in dance is an enjoyable experience for most senior citizens, and it promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, and a strong sense of self-identity. When they are able to express feelings and ideas through artistic movement, they gain self-awareness and often self-acceptance which is quite needed at this point of time. Kabila has done a couple of dance workshops with the Mending Maya old age home.

Academy : To study the art of dance is to learn the language of bodily movement as it expresses and communicates the essence of humanity. Through dance education, students develop focus, concentration, discipline, creativity, problem-solving skills, self-assessment skills, and the desire to do well. Dance Kabila provides scholarships to students who cant afford to pay fees. Money should not be a barrier between someone’s leaning.

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