The Dance Kabila academy is set up with an objective to nurture the efforts and interest of potential dancers, who are passionate about learning dance and growing in the process. We, as an academy believe in imparting knowledge in a manner so as to help the trainees learn professionally which would take them to a level wherefrom they may look at their passion as a life- long cherishment.

We aim to make dance accessible to all, including those that wish to dance for fun or those that aspire for a career in dance. We give opportunities to learn dance, express themselves creatively and perform on stage. Classes are available for children (4-6 years), juniors (7-11 years) and adults (12 years above).

Dance kabila believes that we should dance not only to have fun gain now skills but also to find themselves in an environment of freedom, & discipline at the same time.

Running two of our academies successfully, we invite you to join the family     

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