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We provide the best Wedding Choreographer in Delhi & Guragon, India

Wedding has come a long way from traditional Baarat and Jai Mala to weddings where groom and bride dance to the tunes of desi songs along with their family and friends. And, it perfectly makes sense that wedding, a once in a lifetime celebration, be infused with lot of synchronous moves and grooves. We at Dance Kabila provide the best Wedding Choreographer in Delhi & Gurgaon, India to make your special event memorable.

Our Wedding dance choreography service takes pride in making your special day as memorable and unforgettable event by adding glitter to the ambience of love and beauty that your wedding day brings to you. Dance kabila is a dance focused service company, specializing in wedding dance choreography that excels in perfectly displaying the ideas and imagination of our clients in the form of ready performances or suitable choreographies as per the requirements.

At Dance kabila, we make every possible effort to teach you the groovy steps and make your dance performance fabulous, irrespective of your age and whether you have danced earlier or not. Number. of days required to choreograph a wedding dance may be from few hours to 4-5 days, depending upon the type of performance and the size of the group to be choreographed. We at Dance kabila have highly skilled dancers, trainers and choreographers who love choreographing our clients as per their demands.

Following are the services we offer. These services are tailored made for each and every event and according to the theme of the marriage and to the taste of the audience.

Bride and Groom Couple Dance

Wedding Choreographers at Dance kabila are expertise in choreographing the couple dance on themes of Salsa, Waltz or our own bollywood specials. If you are someone who wants your wedding ceremony dance to be non less than glittering IIFA award performance, we are there to help it realize.

Solo Dance Performance

Solo dance performance are presented by family or friends in honor for the bride or bridegroom or may be both, we put maximum efforts with minimum time investment, to make the presentation a big hit especially focusing on the entry of the performer.

Multiple Couples Together

The multiple couple dance requires lots of sync and coordination to make the presentation look fabulous, Dance kabila scripts the dance by interviewing the relevant participants for their likes and dislikes. Thus, we end up with multiple scripts providing the participants with options to choose among themselves.

Girls Only Group Dance/ Boys Only Group Dance

Any bollywood dance, regional folk dance or a specific them dance can marvelously presented, if it is choreographed brilliantly. Instructors at Dance kabila, with their rich experience and expertise will help you in making the dance look like a dream come true.

Girls and Boys Mixed Dance Groups

There is a common tradition of boy’s side dance and girl’s side dance or dance performances on parody songs narrating the love between the couples. Our skilled trainers have all the skill set to make the performance even more awesome.

Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and Uncles Combined Dance Performances

No wedding is complete without the Thumkas and Latak-Jhatas of our parents and grandparents. The slow and groovy moves in more synchronous make the wedding a really memorable event.

How to get started

  1. After finalizing the dates of various events – Ring ceremony, Mehndi, Reception, Cocktail function, Sangeeth Night, reach out to Dance Kabila. We will visit you with specifications and proposals to discuss the process further. Our associates will present you the entire process with few samples to demonstrate, which will help you in having a more clear approach.
  2. Then decide the duration of the dance to be performed, number of the participants and the size of the audience.
  3. Budget for this head, so that we could present you a perfect return on your investment to this section. A clear budget will help weed out unnecessary dance related expenditures, be it costumes, dance floor size, expenditure on lights and music and on special arrangements and special appearance cost.
  4. Make a list of the person performing the dance, please don’t try to force them just motivate them. Dance kabila choreographers can help you in motivating your friends and families. Do tell the participants that this performance will require their approximately 1 hour of time for 4-5 days.
  5. Finally, try to have a theme for the wedding, this streamlines the process and the dance choreography revolves around the theme.

After this we try to individually asses the people involved in the wedding dance by interviewing them and analyzing their strength and weaknesses and then choreographing them accordingly. Our instructors are very well equipped to divide the choreography in a way that everyone can participate and at the same time present their best.

Dance Kabila, also provides you the recordings of practice session once the performance has been presented, which can be used to play during the wedding to put the thing into more perspective and make the event more enjoyable. A dance floor with changing color LEDs, gives the feeling of being on the top of the world (pun intended) which it is supposed to be on your wedding day! These are the moments we all cherish our lifetimes, perfectly choreographed filmed dance will always put a big smile on your face for years to come.

All you need is to pick up the phone and dial the number, and we will make sure to bring out the best performance and give a glimpse of Cinderella wedding.

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