Vijay Rawat

The Visionary of the Dance company “Dance Kabila” Mr. Vijay Rawat is a Delhi based Choreographer, instructor and performer. Derived by an ardent desire and strong zeal towards dance, Mr. Vijay Rawat began his journey as a student in Manzil Welfare Society in year 2008 which enlightened in him a glittering spark to learn dance. This was the time when he was sure of what he was destined for.
He joined The DanceWorx Academy in 2011 where he worked as a company member under the guidance of Mr. Ashley Lobo. Taking forward his ardor for dance, Mr. Rawat specialized in Jazz, Contemporary, Modern (Martha Graham technique) and Ballet (3rd level), Bollywood and Hip hop.
In year 2014 he moved to Australia where he obtained training from Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance under the guidance of international choreographer Jason Coleman.
After Vijay’s splendid experience of international performance he proliferated his knowledge in Dance shows, Production, and art of infotainment. He has recently founded ‘Dance Kabila’, a dance company aimed to further facilitate evolving Dancers.
En route his journey in the field of choosing Dance as a career he had confronted numerous obstacles on the account that Dance as a profession is not accepted immediately. His cardinal notion for setting up of his company is that ‘A Passion can be One’s Career’.

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