Best Choreographer in Delhi & Gurgaon

Best Choreographer in Delhi & Gurgaon, India

We have the best choreographer in Delhi & Gurgaon, India who are experienced and are true professionals when it comes to manage any dance event may it be an auspicious & a very porsonal occation like marriage or any commercial event like award functions or a fashion show. Call Dance Kabila to have Dance choreographer in Delhi & we will provide you the best choreographer in Delhi, perfect to manage your event.

Theme choreography services

Whether you are an amateur, fresher, or experienced performer, Dancekabila dance troupe and teaching Academy based out in Delhi/Gurugram/NCR has it all to offer people belonging to any segment. The academy is presently well established in the capital with a team of expert artists putting their creative skills and expertise together for a dance regime that is personalized, innovative, and fits distinct personalities. Wow your family and pals with a trailblazing first dance! The warm, welcoming instructors at DanceKabila are also expert at creating choreography that best illustrates your personal self and story.

Best and Budget friendly Marriage Dance Choreographer in Delhi/Gurugram/NCR

Now days, be it family or friends, everyone wants to contribute in their loved one’s celebration with their remarkable dancing, music and laughter. Their happiness and excitement can be clearly seen on the dance floor. Whether it is ring ceremony, sangeet, mehndi ki raat, or reception, DanceKabila Academy will provide you exceptional chorography in preparation of your special occassions from contemporary to more trendy to fusion like dancing.

With enormous experience in the field of choreography and dance, the dance company offers not just an array of dance form classes for styles like Bollywood, Rapp, Punjabi bhangra, salsa, locking-popping, hip-hop, traditional, folk, free style, belly, to name a few, but also provides dance troupe services. The best part with the academy is that you can also hire services at your doorstep.


  • Wedding/Marriage choreography services
  • Engagement, Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi ki Raat Dance performances
  • Choreography for School/College Events and acts
  • Choreography for anniversary, birthday parties
  • Corporate event choreography
  • Choreographer Hire and Outstation Visits services
  • Theme choreography services
  • Dance choreographer in Delhi

For your special events, the academy has a team of choreographers, instructors and International and National performers who are trained artists in delivering new forms of cultural and personal expressions. They have around 30 choreographers nesting in Delhi/NCR and render services all over India. The company is devoted to choreographing your steps; expressions and styling thus making your moments rebound in the premises.

Wedding Choreography Related Services includes:

  • Lead Couple’s Dance special choreography centered on making the couple catch every eyes apple.
  • Professional Dance Troupe to provide dance backdrops or to fill up the stage or guide with your dance performance
  • Scripting the function, creating a story-line and preparing dance performances in the sequence of the bride’s or groom’s story’s progression.
  • Medley dance creation
  • Recording rehearsal footage of family members, friends and relatives to create excellent filler videos which are played in between performances
  • Interviewing family members and friends to present their script in moves
  • Making PUN scripts and handing over to anchors to make the show entertaining.

So, If you are looking forward to give a special dance performance to make a friend’s/cousin wedding special, you can just bring along a few friends to groove together to make the event extraordinary. The dance trainers can train groups and tailor the dance steps on your favorite Hindi or English or pop songs.

Different Dance forms of Choreographers

  • Jazz
  • Street Jazzs
  • Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Bollywood
  • Zumba
  • Traditional and fusion
  • Folk
  • Free style

Dancekabila is also quite popular in making matchless theme based dance to take your guests breath away in the very first instance itself of the event.

Why Dance Kabila

  • One Stop Solution for creative chorography and dance learning
  • Lift up the impact of any event, Conferencing, meetings, Exhibitions, award ceremonies or Branding Portfolio to an all new level of success and unrivalled identity.
  • The trainers & choreographers at the academy are not only outstanding dancers, but teachers too; they have been cautiously chosen and up-skilled to be experts in both dancing and how to teach. Their vivacity is also highly pandemic! –You’ve already been warned!
  • If you look to hire a choreographer for a couple of days outside of Delhi
  • Scripts, Themes, Concept, etc. available on demand
  • Do not overcharge or change different pricing for different people. Fixed and unbiased fee for all which is one of the most reasonably priced choreography service provider centers in Delhi and NCR.
  • We strictly condemn the practice of one size fits all approach as we understand that wit dancing just does not work. The dance process at the academy is conducted professionally and dance moves are typically designed based on the individual’s/group’s dancing skills and capacity.

Dance the night away! With your truly inventive moves

In the virtue of marching ahead of westernization, Chorography has transpired to be an ongoing trend in India since a past decade. Everyone seeks to be different and best from the rest and this urge is what makes DanceKabila a choice of many. Let’s check the dance chorography services offered at the academy:

Marriage, Sangeet, Engagement, Cocktail & Reception Dance Choreography in Delhi NCR- Prepare that impeccable dance performance for an upcoming special event. The troupe covers:

  • Bride and groom couple dance
  • Solo dance performance
  • All Girls only group dance
  • All Boys only group dance
  • Girls and boys mixed group dancing
  • Multiple couples together dance performances
  • Parents and grandparents couple and theme based dance
  • Relatives combined dance performances
  • Friends dance performances
  • Theme based and story narration dances

Private Lessons

This dance routine offered at the academy is best for amateurs or people looking to learn separately. In your one-on-one private dance learning sessions, the instructor will personalize your moves to help you accomplish your motive in dancing. Whether you want to take lessons for your school/college event, learning a particular dance form, special occasion performance or anything, you will not just be able to achieve your dancing goals but enjoy different dances too. The warm and welcoming instructor spends sufficient time to teach you the appropriate techniques, expressions and styling that can make your dance unexampled.

Practice Parties

Weekly mock dance parties are conducted to enable you to practice all you have learned from your session in a very engaging social setting. With Instructors are on the floor and a variety of music played in this weekly fun session, you can practice all of your dances with mentors.

Group Classes

Group Classes is a wonderful chance to obtain supervised practice in your dancing. It is often typical and boring to practice on your own at home, particularly in the start of your learning. Group classes help you to strengthen muscle memory, develop healthy habits and gain introduction to new different dance steps that will lead you to progress quickly in your private lessons.


This is a single day event where students put forth personalized dance practices. Some students embrace this event as a landmark for competition or as a breakthrough of their progress. Routines allow students to develop a sense of musicality, presentation, and indexing of patterns that they can steer socially.

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