Beginner's Batch

The beginners batch of Dance Kabila Academy works upon setting a strong foundation for the potential dancers by helping them develop a sense of musicality and beginner level understanding of dance by further assisting them develop an appropriate body language and a fundamental base of dance.

Advanced Batch

The students of advanced batch are worked upon to help gain a depth of musicality and mature body language. They are trained suitably to catch up tough and intensive choreography by merging their potential with mature quality movements and an essence of techniques.

Full Time Training Programme

With a crux excellence, high concentration of technical knowledge and level of performance standard, students are constantly developed and challenged in an environment that prepares them to become stage ready for high level shows and events. It also fosters in them a greater sense of responsibility, right attitude, innovation and creativity. The full time training course by Dance Kabila is meant for the dancers who aspire for a reliable and sustainable career in entertainment industry.

Dance Workout Classes

Dance can be one of the best exercises to tone your body and strip you of fat, without feeling like you're slaving away in the gym. Great for toning up those abs and building glutes and leg muscles, Dance Workout is a great way to add a bit of fun and variety into your normal cardio training. You will certainly feel the benefits of burning some calories and injecting some fun through popular music routines. Dance Workout Classes are a lot of fun and tend to be very sociable – plus the high concentration factor means you’ll hardly be aware that you are doing a ‘workout’.

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