Dancing isn’t just about steps and music. It’s the perfect combination of physical exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation which provides strength, flexibility, posture, balance and over all personality development. Keeping this in mind the thought of Dance Kabila was born to be the best Dance Studio. Today Dance Kabila is not only a Dance Studio or an academy but a company as well.
Dance Kabila comprises of VR99 Kabila Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (The Company), The Dance Kabila (The Academy), Libaas Kabila (Costume Manufacturing Unit) and the Dance For Cause ( Charity Unit).
VR99 Kabila Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a service providing company that excels in perfectly displaying the ideas and imagination of their clients in the form of ready performances or suitable choreographies as per the requirement.
Dance Kabila Academy is the perfect platform to learn and grow as a dancer from beginner to advanced level dancers and from there to a professional dancer. We are successfully running two academies in Sri Niwas Puri and Kotla respectively. Libaas Kabila is a costume manufacturing unit where we understand the need of our clients and theme of their event and manufacture costume for them or even sometime rent them our already manufactured costumes. Dance For Cause is out Charity Unit. We at Dance Kabila believe that we have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others. Our team has been engaging itself in spreading its passion and knowledge among the underprivileged people, especially children who may not otherwise afford to learn dance or live their passion. We as a team strive to apply our self-belief, discipline and goal setting skills to discover the highest peak of creativity and innovation.


1. Showcasing the theme of ‘MADNESS’, the passionate group of our dancers have performed in “YOUNG ONES”, a show organized in the “Contemporary Arts Week 2015”.

2. “Sakshar Bharat” a tableau of HRD Ministry for Indian Republic Day,2012 was being choreographed by Mr. Vijay Rawat and was performed by the team of Dance Kabila for which he was also awarded the first position.

3. Mr. Vijay Rawat has been one of the main choreographers for the Aryana Afghanistan T.V. Award Show,2013 showcased in The Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon.

4. Our team also gave an attention fetching performance which centered around the theme of “5th Space” , a production organized by Pravah NGO, choreographed by Deepa Ghosh, MR. Vijay being the assistant choreographer under the guidance of Durba Ghosh ma’am.

5. We have also been a crucial part of the “Chamanlal Awards,2013”, directed by the very well-known personality, Mr. R.K.Dhingra which is one of the leading productions of Delhi, where we thrilled the audience by our speculative performance.

6. In the year 2016 we performed in "Dance Diaries" at Contemporary Arts Week. Also was the main Choreographer of "Chrysalis" another production of Contemporary Arts Week.

7. We performed at the Buddy Daddy Family Show at Gurgaon in November 2016.

8. "Street fight" a show done by Kabila's team for Sony Max Tv in 2017 was a great jaw drop show.

9. Flashmob show done on Valentine's day for our client performed at Mall of India, Noida on 14th February 2017.

10. Done an inauguration ceremony show for the Ministry of Petroleum at Pragati Maidan on December 2016.




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